11.27.11- Sunday

Breakfast: What I ate: tea with one tsp sugar, 1c fruit salad, soft-boiled egg, chocolate croissant. When: 9:15am Good about this meal: two servings of fruit, protein in egg, chocolate croissant was DELICIOUS. Bad about this meal: Should have skipped the croissant. It was the last thing I ate, and I was already pretty full before I ate it. Hunger before: 6. Hunger after: 2. Other notes: check out my tumblr! http://sun-must-set-to-rise.tumblr.com/

Lunch: Stir-fry green beans, mango Chobani yogurt. When: Around 1:15 pm. Good about this meal: Veggie-based, protein in yogurt. Bad about this meal: Yogurt high in sugar. Hunger before: 5Hunger after:3

Snack: morningstar veggie sausage patty When : 3pm Good about this meal: ProteinBad about this meal: boring Hunger before: 6 Hunger after: 5

Snack: 3/4 c chef mix. When: 5pm. Good about this meal: Really delicious, protein from peanuts, not much sugar or fat. Bad about this meal: lots of carbs and sodium, not too filling. Hunger before: Hunger after: 4

Dinner: 1/2 c stuffing, vegetarian sausage, salad. When: 6:30. Good about this meal: pretty filling, lots of veggies. Bad about this meal: I wasn’t very hungry before. Hunger before: Hunger after: 1

Dessert: two godiva truffles YUM


11.26.11- Saturday


What I ate: 2 soft-boiled eggs, 6 oz tomato juice, chai tea with 1% milk and one packet of Truvia, one clementine, one morningstar veggie sausage patty When: Around 10am. Good about this meal: Good amount of protein in eggs and sausage, got 2 servings of fruit in. Bad about this meal: Too much to drink, no vegetables. Hunger before: Very hungry. Hunger after: Satisfied but not stuffed

Lunch:                                                                                                                             What I ate: Tuna sandwich made with 1/2 tin (.25 c) albacore light tuna in water, 1 tablespoon of Hellmann’s light mayo, 1 stalk of celery, and a splash of lemon juice, one slice of multigrain bread, one clementine, one bunch of red grapes, one jello sugar free chocolate pudding cup When: Around 1 pm Good about this meal: Enough protein, vegetables and fruit (3 servings), didn’t have white bread, only one slice of bread Bad about this meal: I ate a little too much, Hunger before: On a scale of one to ten: 6 Hunger after: 2 (pretty full)

Afternoon Snack: Sugar-free deep chocolate VitaTop Muffin top, Soup at Hand tomato soup with 1tbsp cheese When: 4 pm Good about this meal: Lots of fiber in the muffin top, serving of veggies from the soup Bad about this meal:  not much protein, not very filling Hunger before: 7Hunger after: 5


What I ate: Tortilla chips and salsa, 1/2 veggie quesadilla at Guatemalan restaurant. When: 7pm. Good about this meal: veggies in the quesadilla. Bad about this meal: Lots of starch (tortillas and chips), ate a lot of  *fried* chips, lots of cheese but not much protein on the quesadilla. Hunger before: 7. Hunger after: 2. Other notes: Dinner was not great. I went out to a guatemalan restaurant with my parents and some family friends, and there were hardly any healthy options. The food took forever to get there, and they kept refilling the chips, which did nothing to help my self-control around those delicious, crispy, fried tortilla triangles. However, this will be a lesson for next time, and I’ll make sure to have a small snack before going out to dinner so I don’t over eat beforehand.

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Food diary format

I will primarily be using this blog as a food diary, so this will be the format:

I hope to post once per day, starting in the morning and then editing that post as the day goes on and I eat more 🙂

First meal:

What I ate


Good about this meal

Bad about this meal

Hunger before

Hunger after

Other notes